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EMEA Recruitment were delighted to welcome Erik Neutzner from Liberty Global as a guest on our podcast recently. 


In this episode, the focus is very much on learning, development and career progression.  You will find some great advice here for anyone looking to emulate Erik’s fantastic career across a range of different countries, which he refers to as his “International tour” 


Erik covers areas such as continuous learning, setting priorities, taking advantage of opportunities when they arise, taking action, challenging yourself and the importance of patience. 


We also discuss the changing role of the finance function, and the importance of business partnering.  In addition we discuss the challenges of recruiting on the basis of potential and how applicants can help themselves to highlight they indeed have potential. 


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Listen to the full episode here:




Or at: https://emearecruitment.libsyn.com/044-erik-neutzner-vp-accounting-reporting-for-liberty-global-swiss-services-gmbh


  • How working as a bike tour guide led to Erik’s career in Finance 01:20

  • How Erik kick-started his career in Finance 06:28

  • The challenges of working internationally 08:04:

  • How different countries cultures and business practices vary 09:26

  • The challenges of setting up a new life in a new country 13:35

  • Balancing work and family life 15:20

  • The effects of automation on future of the Finance function and the importance of gut feeling and intuition 16:50

  • The importance of agility, flexibility, curiosity, and resilience 18:50

  • The advantages and opportunities when working for a large organisation 23:40

  • Erik's thoughts on the Matrix organisational structure 26:18

  • The value of deadlines 28:12

  • How Erik sets his priorities, goals and limits and how employers can aid personal growth 29:51

  • Erik's advice for a teenage version of himself 34:23

  • Who Erik would have as guest on his own podcast 35:25


If you want to reach out to Erik, you can connect with him through LinkedIn on https://www.linkedin.com/in/erik-neutzner-77a63b3


The podcast is hosted by founder of EMEA; Paul Toms and Executive Recruiter and Senior Consultant; Jenny Callum.


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