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This episode of the EMEA Recruitment podcast welcomes Laura Penn as their latest guest. 

Dr Laura Penn is known for disrupting the status quo for public speaking. She is founder and CEO of the Public Speaking School, author and a professional coach.

In this episode, she covers how to prepare and deliver a talk that rocks, how we create openness by showing vulnerability and how she navigated a change in her career after starting a family.


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  • The main pieces of advice that Laura offers when preparing and speaking with impact: 1m34
  • Why you should wait to rehearse in front of people when preparing a talk until the "dress rehearsal" and how you need to prepare them as your audience for this: 4m01
  • The common mistakes that people make with body language and Laura's recommendations: 5m22
  • All about the "power position" for speaking: 8m28
  • The importance of authenticity when speaking and how you can improve your authenticity: 10m12
  • How Laura's background of performing arts and her major in Biology affects her public speaking: 11m53
  • What prompted the change in Laura's career and how she navigated it: 13m21
  • The road to founding The Public Speaking School and why communication is key: 15m30
  • How important communication is to being a good leader and the changing needs of leaders in speaking today: 17m24 
  • Why being aware of your body language at all times, even on a conference call, is important: 19m44
  • What leaders are doing these days in terms of speaking and communication: 20m35
  • The advice that you can take away from this podcast: 22m42
  • What is left on Laura's bucket list: 25m44


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If you want to reach out to Laura, you can connect with her through her website on https://www.thepublicspeakingschool.com/


The podcast is hosted by founder of EMEA; Paul Toms and Executive Recruiter and Recruitment Marketing Specialist; Jenny Callum.

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