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The EMEA Recruitment podcast was pleased to welcome Matthew McQuade, the Regional/Divisional CFO and Vice President Finance at Crocs Asia.

“If you’re only doing it for money, there’s a lot more bad days than good days. You’ve got to have some investment in what the business is about.”

Matthew spoke to our Founder, Paul Toms, about how aligning your personal values to the business you’re working in is linked to career success.

Matthew is currently based in Singapore, where he’s seen the pace of change in the business world pick up. It’s evident within the transformational change projects that he’s involved in. Matthew has found that fear is one recurring theme – the current global pandemic being a great example.

His job, and the job of others in leadership roles, is to make people feel comfortable in these uncomfortable situations. Matthew explains how he, as a Finance leader, finds calm amongst the noise that emerges during transformations.

We discuss the importance of prioritisation, how to create a calm environment in business and aligning your personal values with that of your company.

Matthew also delves into how BI & Data is enhancing the Finance function and allowing professionals to be free from the mechanical side of the industry.

We also found out why Matthew believes a Netflix series should be made about Finance professionals!

You can use the timestamps below to find the section of this recruitment podcast episode that you’re looking for:

00:57 – An unusual year
03:58 – Transformational change projects
07:03 – How Matthew faces his fears
10:52 – How to focus on priorities
13:55 – Matthew’s career epiphany
17:42 – Working for Sony Music
19:10 – Impact of BI & Data on Finance
24:03 – Aligning your values with the business
26:09 – The book that put things into perspective for Matthew
31:34 – Why Matthew likes to listen more than talk
35:00 – A common misconception about Matthew
37:42 – How to reach out to Matthew

The full episode is below:

Or you can listen at: https://emearecruitment.libsyn.com/emea-recruitment-podcast-episode-61-matthew-mcquade


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This Finance podcast episode was hosted by Paul Toms, the Founder of EMEA Recruitment, and Jenny Callum, Executive Recruiter and Senior Consultant.

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