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Q2 2021: Finance Market Update in Switzerland

  • April 28, 2021
Q2 2021: Finance Market Update in Switzerland

The first quarter of 2021 offered some promising signs of recovery within the Finance market in Switzerland, notably through the volume of opportunities available, but also evidence of higher levels of confidence amongst senior leaders.

During the second half of 2020, the word missing from recruitment conversations was “plans”, as the overriding feature was a short-term mentality, due so much uncertainty regarding COVID-19.

The positive news about vaccine efficacy, despite short-term concerns about the speed of the vaccination programme, is instilling hope of a more normal life this year and, therefore, greater focus on business plans and development. This is likely to result in an increase in opportunities within the Finance market, as projects start/recommence and recruitment freezes are removed.

Despite the expectation of easier recruitment in a market that has experienced major change and an economic downturn, the reality is that many companies that have advertised vacancies have failed to recruit and have had to re-advertise their roles. There are numerous reasons, but some of the feedback we have gained from clients and candidates includes:

  • High volume of applications is putting pressure on Talent/HR teams
  • Negative employer brand experience is a consequence of the lack of feedback
  • Individuals in permanent roles are still cautious about moving jobs, but are starting to slowly return to the market
  • Applications to direct advertisements are often not relevant/less targeted than previously
  • The lack of salary information on advertisements, when combined with significant variation in salaries with similar job titles, is making targeted applications difficult

As we move towards a more normal employment market, it is likely that we will see a battle for talent, as the number of opportunities increase, which may result in pressure on salaries and growth in the number of employers providing counter offers to retain their valued employees.

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