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Working in the Office vs. from Home: What's the Best Mix?

  • November 06, 2020
Working in the Office vs. from Home: What's the Best Mix?

Many of us had to adapt to working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, but what mix of home working and working in the office would we prefer?

Employees were advised to work from home where possible from March 2020 onwards in both Switzerland and the Netherlands, as the pandemic took hold in Europe.

Although flexible working was already quite common across Europe prior to COVID-19 restrictions, remote work has still been a new phenomenon for many office workers. But do we actually prefer working from home, or have we missed working from the office?

The pandemic will have given many employers and employees the opportunity to consider home working for the first time. Moving forwards, some workers may feel that they prefer working from home, and could try to split their working hours between the office and home. Some may never want to return to the office at all.

At EMEA Recruitment, we wanted to hear from our network across Switzerland and the Netherlands, to determine how many days people prefer working in the office versus working from home.

The results may be interesting to managers, particularly in the Human Resources sector, considering how to integrate remote working in the future.

On LinkedIn, we ran a poll for one week from 21st -28th October. We had a total of 1,364 votes on the survey, which asked respondents to vote for their ideal mix of office work/working from home.

The poll revealed a staggering preference for working one to two days from home, with the remaining days in the office. This option won 47% of the vote, with 642 professionals choosing this mix.

The second most popular choice highlighted a clear preference for remote working, with 38% of respondents (or 524 people) opting for working three to four days from home.

In fact, working from home five days per week was the preferred option for 10% of people (130), indicating that the days of full-time office work may be behind us. Just 5% of professionals (68) said they would like to work in the office five days a week.

Although many of us would like to be in the office most of the time, companies should be aware of how many professionals feel that working from home is beneficial to them in some way. Perhaps the changes brought about by the pandemic could enforce more flexible working conditions for office workers moving forwards, in line with their clear preferences.

We would be interested to hear from HR leaders who are navigating the changing world of work on your plans for the future. Contact Leon Morley to discuss further: