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EMEA Recruitment's Employee Wellbeing Week with PDP UK

  • July 13, 2020
EMEA Recruitment's Employee Wellbeing Week with PDP UK

At the beginning of July, we welcomed the team from PDP UK to lead wellbeing courses for all employees at EMEA Recruitment.


With most members of staff continuing to work from home due to the coronavirus pandemic, we wanted to add some light to everyone’s home-working experience. It was fantastic to see people laughing, enjoying each other’s company, and working and playing as teams.


PDP UK ran 90-minute sessions for three teams of EMEA Recruitment staff. The specialist personal development training provider has a proven track record of designing and delivering effective and bespoke packages around issues such as engagement, attainment and employability.


Each session had everyone work in teams to complete a variety of tasks - although this was quite difficult over Zoom, the staff adapted to their settings.


The focus on employee wellbeing also enabled staff to discuss the current lockdown situation with each other. They were encouraged to talk through the following topics:

  • How they were feeling about the coronavirus pandemic
  • Reflecting on what they have learnt about themselves during lockdown
  • What they will take forward when lockdown is over
  • The people who have helped them through the past few months


Emma Feneley, a Senior Consultant in our Swiss team commented…“The thing I liked about the session was that it wasn’t your typical wellbeing session focused on breathing, meditation, yoga etc., even though I massively buy into those techniques.


“It was more about completing the session and realising that you had just spent an hour and a bit focused on something different entirely, and had forgotten completely about work, emails, coronavirus etc.”


PDP UK uses relevant theories, and tried and tested methodologies. It supports the general wellbeing of individuals and groups through the provision of personal development courses and workshops, which enable staff to take a positive and proactive approach to life.


If you would like an introduction to the PDP UK team, please contact Richard Bailey.